By day, I work in marketing. Here are some samples of my work:

  1. One :30 TV commercial (I developed the creative concept and wrote the script)
  2. One magazine ad (I wrote the headline and copy, and won an American Marketing Association award for the work)
  3. One :30 radio spot (I developed the campaign theme and wrote the copy)
  4. One ghostwritten blog article (I worked closely with the client to develop the article from the seeds of his ideas)
  5. One set of brand boards (I developed the brand voice and wrote the copy)

Triangle Mobile: For the Montana In You

Audix: “Capture the Music” ad (click to see larger and in context)
Winner of the 2015 AMA MAX “You Had Me At Hello” Award, for an ad that makes a strong first impression

Warner Pacific University
Warner Pacific University: 30-second Radio Spot

Ghostwritten article: “Leadership as Craft” (click here to read)

Pioneer Brand Boards (click for PDF to see all three boards)