Thanks for contacting Ian. But before you do, here is Ian’s answer to the most common question, about performance rights for William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: “Thank you for enthusiasm! I will try to be as thorough as I can, with apologies if this sounds like something a Sith might write.

“Several theater companies and schools have expressed interest in performance rights, but at this time Lucasfilm is allowing only a few scenes to be read/performed at book events where I appear. When I say ‘a few scenes,’ I don’t mean specific scenes — I just mean that at my book events I read a few speeches and often will have audience members join me in reading some scenes. Lucasfilm, thus far, has been clear and consistent that public performances or readings of any kind — whether for money, for free, or as part of a fundraiser — are not allowed. You may have heard of theaters or other groups doing readings or performances of my books; up to this point, none of those have been authorized by Lucasfilm. While I appreciate the enthusiasm of people who write me and say, ‘I know your website says performances aren’t allowed, but…’ my answer is the same: the copyright for the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars books are in Lucasfilm’s name, so performance permission is not mine to give. I will update the website if and when this changes. Thanks for your interest!”

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